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Travel Tips:

India travel can be tiring and it might take a bit of time to adjust to the environment, cuisine and climate. It helps to be flexible with your itinerary and to take some rest whenever you get the time to do so. Remember this when you are planning your trip.Talk to fellow travelers. If you know people who have been to the place you plan to visit, ask them about what they liked about their trip and what they would do differently next time.

Make a list and check it twice. Make a list of essentials that you need to pack. Also, make a list of things you want to see and do on your trip.

Most religious places (especially Hindu & Islamic places of worship) do not permit shoes inside their premises. In some places, there are restrictions on the movement/entry of persons from other religions. However in such places there will be prominent notices placed informing tourists of such restrictions. In many of the religious places it is compulsory to keep the head covered.

Photography is not always allowed, and at many places it is permitted only at a fee. There is usually a higher fee for using a camcorder. Not all public places allow smoking.

Don't wear anything that attracts glances or invites cat calls. In metros like Delhi, Mumbai etc., it is ok to dress western but in smaller cities and towns, short skirts, tight pants or blouses can make you stand out in the crowd. Dress sober - loose and long clothes that neither define body shape nor expose it.

Keep your hotel room locked while you are inside. Chain locking your hotel room door is a smart precaution.

Drink only bottled water. Buy it only from respectable or known outlet. In restaurants insist that they bring a sealed bottle for your table.

Women traveling alone in certain deserted places should avoid walking at odd hours.

It's a good idea to avoid eye contact. If your eyes like to look around and you cannot resist glancing, put on sun glasses while out of doors or just carry an interesting book and glue your vision there.

Carry Proper maps of the places proposed to visit india, Nepal, Bhutan & Tibet as signboards are ofteb absent. In any acse avoid persistent touts and taxi-wallahas at  Train station / Airport / Bus stands to help you find your hotel. Always use tourist assistance desk for proper advise.

Leave a copy of your itinerary with a trusted family member or friend.

Buy at genuine shops only.  Bargaining is a popular practice in India and necessary too. While buying an article, make sure that the entire transaction is legal and transparent so that you may claim later if dissatisfied.

Plan and obtain necessary immunizations and malaria prophylaxis. Travelers should get properly inoculated against yellow fever if coming through infected regions. If, planning for a long trip, consider having a completer pre-departure health check-up.

India Budget Tour Packages

Golden Triangle Tour
Destination Duration Cost in USD
Delhi - Agra -Jaipur 04 Days $245
Delhi - Agra -Jaipur with Beaches of Goa 07 Days $370
Delhi Agra Jaipur with Tiger of Ranthambore 08 Days $375

Forts, Temples, Havelis, Desert - That's RAJASTHAN
Destination Duration Cost in USD
Complete Rajasthan 18 Days $890
Splendorous Rajasthan with Wildlife 07 Days $395