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Taj and Tiger tour of India
Day 01 Arrive Delhi, you will be met by our Representative / Naturalist escort and transferred to the hotel to rest for the night.

Day 02 Delhi
The capital of India was destroyed and rebuilt a number of times, and virtually carries in its bosom the history of 07 cities. The present New Delhi was designed by Edwin Lutyens, and its main architect was Herbert Baker. In 1911 the capital of the British Raj was shifted from Kolkata to Delhi.

Visit Old Delhi- the former center of Mughal power which offers ancient monuments, narrow streets and bustling markets. Visit the Red Fort built in 1648 by the great Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan famous for his great edifice of love the Taj Mahal. Also see the biggest mosque in India the Jama Masjid, constructed by Shah Jahan in 1658.

Post lunch you will be taken to see the "New Delhi" which came into existence much later, and is also known as Lutyens Delhi, taking after the name of a British architect who was largely responsible in designing India Gate, Presidential House, Secratariat, Parliament House and many other buildings in that area.

Visit the recent jewel in the crown, Lotus Temple and then drive on to see the tallest tower in Delhi, known as Qutub Minar, which declared the arrival and rise of Islam in India, Visit Humayun's Tomb - the great monument of Delhi was built by his wife Haji Begum in the 16th Century. An early example of Mughal architecture considered the predecessor of the Taj Mahal. Overnight at Hotel

Day 02 Delhi - Jaipur : By Surface Distance 265 kms. 4-5 hrs driving time.
In the Morning drive to Jaipur, On arrival check-in at Hotel. After lunch visiti Jaipur city, enjoy visiting City Palace :n Jaipur was founded in 1727 by Sawi Jai Singh II a Rajpur Maharaja, the City Palace built 1728-1732, occupies the center of Jaipur and houses an interesting textile and costue Museum. Arm and Armour useum and art Gallery.

Jantar Mantar : Sawai Jai Singh loved mathematics and science and he worked in association with a brilliant scholar from Bengal to build the city of Jaipur. Jai Singh also studied ancient texts on astronomy and had the wors of Ptolemy and Euclid translated into Sanskrit. Literally Instruments for measuring the harmony of the heavens, the jantar mantar observatory wa built between 1728 and 1734. The observatory with instrument built o stone and marble, which stll give accurate reading, is fascinating.

Day 03 Jaipur
Morning excursion to Amber Fort. Aber Fort was the ancient capital of the Kachhawaha Rajputs fro 1037, until Sawai Jai Singh II moved to the newly creted Jaipur. The building of the Fort-Paace was begun by Raj Ma Singh, a noted Rajput genera in Akbar's army in 1600, and was later added to by successive rulers. Situated a top a hill 11 kms. From Jaipur the Fort shows distinct Mughal influence in the architecture and spectacular views from the walls.

Jaipur - Ranthambore : By surface distance 180 kms. 3 hours driving In time drive to Ranthambore on arrival check-in at Hotel. Overnight stay at Hotel/Resort Ranthambore

Day 04 Ranthambore Reserve
Morning and Afternoon Game view in the park by Canter.
Ranthambore encompasses nearly 152 square miles o dry deciduous forest in southwestern Rajasthan and in the heart of the forst of Araali and vindhya ranges meet. The park derives its name from the fort of Ranthambore that sites on a rocky outcrop in the forest. The fort dates back to the 11th century when it was a vital citadel for the control of central India. With strict tiger preservationmeasures, tigers have become more active during the day and can be encountered by visitors in broad ay light. Sighting a tiger can never be a sure shot, but here one comes as close to it as is possible. The landscape is dotted with ancient banyan trees dhok and papal trees. Clusters mango trees and crisscrosses with evergreen belts. The terrain is made up of massive rock formations, steep scarps, perennial lakes an streams and forest suddenly opening up into large areas of savannah.

Other than the tiger, other predators present in Ranthambore are leopard, striped hyena jackal, caracal an jungle cat. Also seen are sloth bear Sambar deer. Chital (spotted) deer Nilgai - Anelope, wild boar chinkara, gazelle Indian hare mongoose common languor, palmivet , palm squirrel porcupine, monitor lizard and more. Game view in the park is done in Open Jeep /Open Canter.

Day 05 Ranthambore National Park - Bharatpur National Park: By Surface distance 220 kms. 5.5 hrs Journey
Morning drive to Bharatpur, on arrival check-in at Hotel.
Bird watching on foot or by cycle rickshaw.
Bharatpur just 50 kilometers from Agra is the world-famous Keoladeo Ghana National Park. Her mans's hand in maintaining water level has created a fabulous ecosystem that sustains a weather of birdlife. While may of India's park have been developed from the hunting preserve of princely India. Keoladeo Ghana was created by Maharaja by diverting water from a nearby irrigation canal. Over 350 species of birds find refuge in Bharatpur's 11 square miles of shallo lakes and woodland. It is considered to be unique in the total number of bird species as well as the quantity of birdlife that it harbors. The Siberian Crane is one of the rarest species in the world, and Bharatpur is its only known wintering ground in India. In addition to birdlife, also seen at Bharatpur are ground squirrel, wild boar sambar, nilgai chital, blackbucks, goose, otters, jungle at, fishing cat, leopard Indian civet, palm civet and rock pythons. Overnight at hotel

Day 06 Bharatpur - Agra : By surface Distance 50 kms. 1-2 hour driving time + Sighteeing of Fatehpur Sikri
Morning drive to Agra en route visiting Fatehpur Sikri. as one enters Sikri from the Agra Gate, one of the nine gateways on the way to the palace complex, Diwan-i-Aam, or the hall of public audience appears first. It is a huge rectangular walled-in courtyard where petitions were heard, proclamations made, ambassadors received and entertainment programmes held. Ponder the mysterious desertion of this capital city that was dramatically abandoned a few years after it was built. It was a veritable fairy tale city and its 'ruins' are still in a pristine condition. Though over 400 years old, Fatehpur Sikri is perfectly preserved.

Agra - Once India's Mughal capital. Here we enjoy a horse and cart/rickshaw ride to the legendary Taj Mahal. Built entirely of white marble, the Taj Mahal has no peers. Continuing, we visit Agra fort, which boasts some of India's finest Mughal buildings behind it's fortified walls.

After lunch visit Agra Fort and Taj Mahal.
Agra Fort; on the west bank of the Yamuna River,Akabr's (the third of the Great Mughal) magnificient Fort dominates the center of the city. Akbar erected the walls, gates and the first building inside, Shah Jahan built the impressive imperial quarters and mosque, while Aurangazed (the sixth and last of the Great Moghuls) added the outer ramparts. The Predominantly red sand stone structures combining Hindu and Islamic styles of architecture glow beautifully at Sunset.

Taj Mahal : Visit the magnificent monument of love - Taj Mahal at Sunset. The Taj Mahal built by an emperor in memory of his beloved queen. Construction of the Taj Mahal began in 1631, and is believed to have taken 18 years to complete. with over 20,000 craftsmen working around the clock, the design and construction is said to be that of the legendary architect, Ustad Ahamad Lahori. Legend has it that once construction was completed, Shah Jahan had Lahori's hands cut off, and blinded, so he would never be able to duplicate the structure. What makes Taj Mahal unique is its perfect proportions, distinct femininity, medium of construction and ornamentation. Its marble exterior reflects rose and golden tints at sunrise and sunset, while it is dazzling white during the day.

Special Dance Show
Today evening you will experience a miraculous Mughal night at Kala Kriti, where you will be seated on luxurious seats, enjoying folk dance and musical performances and traditionally dressed entourage serves you luscious food on royal silver platters.

Overnight stay at Hotel.

Day 07 Agra - New Delhi : By Surface Distance 210 kms. 5 hrs. 4-5 hours drive
Today optional visit of Taj Mahal for sunrise. In time drive to New Delhi, on arrival check-in at Hotel.

Day 08 Delhi - Nagpur
Nagpur - Kanha By Surface distance 255 kms. 4-5 hrs. Journey
In time transfer to the Airport to board the flight for Nagpur, meeting on arrival and drive to Kanha Natioal Park. Kanha (the original setting of Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book) was one of the first nine tiger reserve create by Project Tiger in 1972. The Park's landmark achievement is the preservation of the rare hard ground Swamp Deer (Barasingha), saving it from near extinction. Stringent conservation programs for the overall protection of the Park's fauna and flora, makes Kanha one of the most well maintained National Parks in Asia. Kanha has rich habitat diversity from hills to plateau grasslands fringed by dense forest. The rims of the plateaus have steep rocky slopes and escarpment that offer breathing views of the alley below and the hills beyond. Carnivores includes jackal, dhole Indian wild dog. Leopard and tiger. Herds of cheetal ( spotted axis deer) barasingha (12 tined swamp deer) hiran (blackbuck), wild boar and occasionally gaur (wild oxen) throng the grasses of the central velly chousingha (four horned antelope), nilgai antelope, sambar deer, barking deer, sloth bear and langur monkey are also seen in the central Indian highlands, Kanha national park ranges over an area of 940 sq. km. Everyone wants to see a tiger. There's some kind of a thrill you experiences when all of a sudden you came across a TIGER roaming freely in the wilderness of its natural habitat: the fields and forests of India. There are nucious beast,merous Tiger reserves in India, that are preserving this fero but nowhere can you see them as often, and as regularly as in Kanha National Park.

Overnight stay at Hotel/Resort in Kanha.

Day 09 Kanha Tiger Reserve
Morning and afternoon game drives and elephant - back rides in the park. Overnight stay at Resorts.

Day 10 Kanha Tiger Reserve Morning and Afternoon game drives at the Kanah National Park. Overnight stay at Resorts.

Day 11 Kanha Tiger Reserve - Nagpur By Surface 255 kms. 4-5 hours drive
Nagpur - Delhi By flight
In time transfer to the Airport to board the flight for New Delhi. Meeting on arrival and transfer to the Hotel.

Day 12 New Delhi Departs
In time transfer to the Airport to board the flight for onwards destination